Thursday, September 08, 2005

When I was 17, it was a very good year

This just in (well, for me, I just read it, over at Dark Horizons) :

Question: What are you working on at that moment? Jackson: I'm doing Snakes On A Plane right now (AKA Pacific Air 121) It's slithery but it's good, it's fun.

I dont know what slithery means, I'll have to look that up. Hey, what if the film sucks after all? This blog will be doomed. Not likely. It will actually make the film look better. Likely. Anyways, this aint about the film, its about, you know, all people coming together and doing their best not to read this blog.

Ok, I remember another Snakes On A Plane moment (I acknowledge my snakes on a plane situations are fram from actual snakes on a plane, but it's all I got so far, I need to feel confortable around all you random unkwown friends reading this first). My shame is your gain:

Family holiday reunion, all parts of my family live apart from one another but we always get together in the holidays to, you know, be family and give presents and stuff. So that was around the time when I taped everything i deemed cool, videos, simpsons, shows, other things not worth mentioning. Once there's about ten people at our living room, parents, uncles, cousins, news reporters (no there werent any news reporters, this was family). The cable was down, so for their viewing pleasure I popped in the vcr a simpsons mix vcr tape. All good and fun. I went out for a secret smoke. All good and quiet. Too quiet. Little did I know (or remember) at the end of the innocent simpson episodes, there was sin. Flesh. Lust. Evil little cinemax erotica taped by yours truly for yours truly adolescent viewing joy. Not suitable for one's family. No.

I get back into the house, the front door of which leads directly into the living room tv (small place). The moment I open the door, I just had one half of a second to see what everyone was watching in giggling awe. And another half a second to realize just what they were watching. Then, sound. The most deafening sound of thunderous laughter. Pointing at me like deadly fire spears. Good thing I wasnt Carrie, 'cause shit would have gone down inevitably. What happened was, soon as "the sound" started, I stepped back and shut the door. I was back out. Out of the nightmare. And went outside by myself for about an hour until things cooled, with no smokes.

Things cooled down, nothing awful. But it was, for me, then, a goddamn cobra in coach. And fish for lunch. And Batman & Robin playing during the flight. And stormy winds. And a python for variety.


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