Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Second World?

Today is a day for enlightment for yours truly. I finally know why the fuck there are first world countries and third world countries but no second world countries. I always thought under developed countries (african, south american, et al) were considered su fucked up they deserved to be "a world away" from the industrialized. Now that's not how it is, though often true.

After extensive research (Wikipedia) I have discovered for humanity the origin of these terms, and, its no fun. The term was coined in the cold war (not fought exclusively in winter), where the first world refered to the western bloc and the second bloc refered to the eastern. The third world then was used to define poor little countries not directly related to the conflict. (The actual explanation as given in Wikipedia is much more accurate and better, but mine'll do, for me at least).

Well, after Roger Waters and David Hasselhoff went to Germany and the wall fell, cold war ends and stuff and no more second world, not a term used or known at least by most people. But first and third stuck, and hence, the world gap.

Now I think it should change. 'Cause first and third world country sounds mean, and it gets old, and soon the communists will catch up with that gap and start going crazy about imperialism and kyoto and what not. So here's a few other options for your reading displeasure:

(The content previously presented here has been deleted by the author due to sucking hard)

So there you go, world (applies to both first and third and misterious no longer second). Get to work. We have a lot of work to do, they're always talking abut closing the gap between the first and third, well, the name is a good start, at least its much easier, and fun, and people love a good laugh. About the love of laughs, sorry about this. I'll insert a joke later.

P.S.: The band Maroon 5 used to be called Kara's Flowers (yeah), and their first album was called The Fourth World. Now I cant confirm this, but I think they are talking about Canada. I'll keep you posted.


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