Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lacking me, Lacking you

Just another blog? I think not. Just another blog that claims not to be just another blog? Indeed.

Well, I'm sorry I have not updated since thursday, but then again you havent been here, anyone, so its all good. I dont write and you dont read. Except in this case I write so please be my guests. This was a good weekend in which I slept a lot, I drank enough, and did little. Cool.

I have absolutely zero interest in writing today. This motherfucker of a day feels more like monday than yesterday did. Not fair. We should be past that stage. Move on week, you're stepping on balls here. Get serious.

Hey I have a cool link (not seen on another blog, any appearance of the following link on another blog is purely coincidential). Its about bunny suicides. The bunnies are not happy and they want to die, and they make an art of dying. I dont know how thoings move around here, so this could be 40 months old and gone, but I just found it and found it fun and so should you, unless you're in PETA, but then again, this little dude (sometimes dudes) is killing himself, so it's the whole right to life and death issue, but this one does all kinds of things and moves around and thinks and stuff so its not Schiavo territory, praise the lord (whichever one)

Oh yeah, the link. What's up, doc? Death motherfucker

Ok, until the next post, which will be better no doubt.

P.S.: This blog will soon be blocked in China: Fuck you Freedom Opressors! FALUN GONG RULES!!!! FALUN GONG!!! FALUN GONG YOU BASTARDS!. There. I said it. It's said.


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