Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If I Could Sleep One More Hour

I wouldn't. But I want to so much, lately, between work and my girlfriend, I barely have time for home, and I love home, movies, tv, reading, my dog, you know, just being home, I love my house and being in it, you know, resting, but I always end up sleeping like 6 hours, which can be enough, but not on a daily basis, not for this lazy motherfucker right here anyway.

I need a plan. I need to use my time at home more wisely. It's my precious.

Ok, no Internet at home except for leaving emule running all night long downloading all the good things for me (be cool you RIAA bastards). No TV except for Nip/Tuck, Lost and the ocassional Simpsons. And cutting down on the phone calls would be great, too. But that's not entirely up to me, I'm pussywhipped, yeah, but I'll take a little whipping for a lot

I think I need a Redbull to get through today, but that crap is expensive, and this sensation of tiredness usually goes away in a couple of hours and comes back right around 2pm. My life is good, I'm just a little tired is all.

This was not an interesting read now was it? Bear with me here, I'm just getting started. I put on a counter yesterday, 'cause I love that, seeing how many people end up here, makes me happy really when you read this, by the way Ang and gamepower, thanks a lot for your comments on the first column, that was cool. Ok, I'll be back later today, I should, you know, work, after all, it is where I am.


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